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Watermelon Tourmaline Pendant Gold


Product Description

This is a rich slice of watermelon tourmaline with a saturated cranberry red core and forest green edge.  It was cut from the same crystal as the watermelon tourmaline goddess earrings.  The gem weighs just over 11 carats and is freeform faceted.  The pendant was crafted with a nod to the crystal growth pattern of the watermelon tourmaline in sterling silver and 18kt gold.  The bail is fixed to the pendant body, using the same mixed precious metals and echoing the 120 degree angles in the symmetry of the tourmaline crystal.  The sterling silver behind the watermelon tourmaline was mirror polished to reflect the light and color of the stone, then cut out in the middle so the wearer and the stone have a direct connection.  Watermelon tourmaline, in both pink/red hue and green, sliced perpendicular to the crystal's C axis conducts energetic current, especially impactful when worn right above the heart.