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About Wild Gems

Wild Gems are gemstones that have been sought and hunted from inside the earth. They are selected for their color, character and inherent “life”. The energy of the gemstone determines its final placement on the human body.  


Sarah Laja, FGA

Artist's Statement

I am endeavoring to show you what I see when I look at it a gemstone. The years of obsessing, collecting, and studying gemstones have brought me into jewelry designing. I start with the “rough gemstone” – in the crystal form, as it came out of the earth. I study the crystal, then I cut it – the color, brilliance and phenomena lying within each piece is intensified by a loving eye and practiced hand. Then in high karat gold and strong sterling silver, I design a piece that reflects the nature of the original mineral. I seek to listen to it, and convey what I learn to my beloved fellow humans. I love to be a bridge between the mineral kingdom and the human being.

Gemstones are sacred geometry. The very best of all that makes up our planet, refined, perfected and formed into sacred geometric form; color and light made solid – like holding a sunrise in your hand. The gem that you love will outlive you and be loved again and again as we humans seek from them comfort, inspiration, groundedness and protection. As a jewelry designer and lapidary artist, I am a servant of the stone. I am a servant of the Human.


Office location

Wild Gems
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Phone 1.512.501.0016 
E-mail: info@wildgems.com