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The Tourmaline Series


I am inspired by tourmaline - its ubiquitous three-fold symmetry which is beautiful, but also strong and stable, allowing for limitless transformation of the chemical composition, resulting in a literal rainbow of colors.

I sliced the tourmaline crystals I had perpendicular to their c-axis to reveal both the striking evolution of colors and their threefold symmetry. 

Watermelon tourmaline, crude slices, waiting to be cut and polished

I selected bright multi-color and bi-color faceted gem tourmaline mined in Brazil.  

I began exploring three-fold symmetrical shapes in metal.  Triangles, hexagons, 2 dimensional and 3-dimensional.  

I loved the look of offset layered triangles - to ensure our eyes see the three I want to show and not a six.  

There is layering and movement in every stone setting, as I want to convey the feeling of growth.

Every time I shaped metal or stone, it shaped me.  I notice the unwritten triangles and 120 degree angles around me everywhere now. 

It is still teaching me.