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About Wild Gems

Wild Gems is a jewelry line that encourages people to love gemstones.

The jewelry world today has become saturated with low cost gem imitations, substitutes and synthetics. 

 We are losing touch with our sense of value: some things on this earth are truly precious- rare and miraculously beautiful.  Owning a piece of gemstone jewelry from Wild Gems brings you back to that connection - reverance for the small precious gems that the earth created over millions of years below the ground.

At Wild Gems, we enjoy bringing you rare, unusual exceptional gemstones in beautiful original designer jewelry.  Conventional jewelers will almost always set higher-end gemstones in gold, embellishing them in diamonds.  Wild Gems purposely creates our jewelry in sterling silver, enabling those who just want the gem to own it affordably and wear it beautifully.

Your Wild Gems jewelry comes packaged in a fine bamboo box and a card describing the gemstone.

You can find Wild Gems on this website, at shows and events and in retail stores.


sarah-face.jpgSarah Laja, Owner and Designer

Sarah Laja is an artist and gemstone expert from Austin, TX. 

"I want you to look at the gemstone.  The jewelry I design is intentionally simple.  I have spent my life staring into stones.  They are millions of years old - they know more than we do. The message in each one of my designs is 'Look at the Gem' "



Why do you work in silver instead of gold?

Since the purpose of the line is the gem, we create the piece so that most of the value is in the stone as well.  We are unique in that since the convention in jewelry would be to set fine tourmalines, sapphires and emeralds in gold only.  But if what you love is the emerald, why should you have to pay for the gold?

However, some people only wear gold and for you, we can create our pieces in gold as a custom order

Do you offer a guarantee on the jewelry?

Yes.  See shipping and returns

Will the silver tarnish?

Yes, as with all sterling silver, it will eventually show signs of tarnish.  You can minimize this by keeping it out of humidity.  You can polish it with any silver polish cloth.

What is that I see inside the stone?

Because we only use earth mined gems, each one of them is unique and you may occasionally see an inclusion inside it - Lucky!  We love inclusions - they show the character of the stone.  They are especially visible in large peridot, garnet, iolite, emerald and tourmaline. 

Office location

Wild Gems
5403 Kings Hwy
Austin, TX 78745

Phone 1.512.501.0016 
E-mail: [email protected]